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'Wave Walker'
'Wave Walker'

'Wave Walker'

Regular price £845

'Wave Walker'

 Wood affect design, available on all models extra £150

This board is based around the 'Caddy' but with a huge differents,

It's a reverse rocker...which ables me to do more tail lift, kick tail...aids nose rideing with amazing affect.

low rocker traditional log and 50/50 rails

Adapted from original Sixties design concepts and refined for today's standards to make it the tool for tip time in waves under 3'.

. Ridden as a single fin, this small wave cruiser has unreal glide and flow allowing you to get out there and have a blast in even the most marginal conditions.

Sizes start at 9'6 and go up to 10'.Single fin box, so you can change fins when you choose.

 And of course, all boards can custom adjusted to fit anyone's  requirements i.e. tints, tail and nose blocks, fin set ups, volan, inlays and sprays. 

All Extras quoted individually

All boards are examples and available for custom order.

Starting price £845 for clear, resin sand finish

contact for detail or phone 07813669987

'Wave Walker'
'Wave Walker'