Custom Mustang (Purple)
Custom Mustang (Purple)

Custom Mustang (Purple)

Regular price £745

This custom longboard features a top and bottom translucent purple tint including a sprinkling of glitter.

You can choose from a range of colours for your own board, all you need is your imagination.

All conditions from 1' through to as big as you can push yourself. The Mustang seems to know no limits as the ultimate California style performance noserider. Huge flowing turns complemented by unreal noseriding performance, means a board that works as well from the nose as the tail.

 The Mustang handles smaller surf because it has less rocker than the Charger. You will also find it has better gliding/planning so it's easier get noseriding.

Ridden as a single fin or 2 plus 1, you get fast paddling and early wave entry. A real Wave Magnet. The Mustang is a true all-rounder able to handle pretty much anything that youcan. All that's left is the pleasure of pushing the limits of the wave.

Sizes start at 9' and go up to 9'6. You can have single or 2 plus 1 fin set-ups.

And of course, all boards can custom adjusted to fit anyone's  requirements i.e. tints, tail and nose blocks, fin set ups, volan, inlays and sprays. 

All Extras quoted individually

All boards are examples and available for custom order.

starting price £745 for clear, resin sand finish

contact for detail or phone 07813669987


Custom Mustang (Purple)
Custom Mustang (Purple)